Sunday, July 20, 2014

ሰበር ዜና፣ የአሜሪካ ብሄራዊ የበረራ ባለስልጣን የአሜሪካ መንገደኞች አውሮፕላኖች በኢትዮጵያ የአየር ክልል እንዳይበሩ ጥብቅ ማሳሰብያ አስተላለፈ። ምክንያቱንም ሲገልጽ "የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት የመንገደኞችን አውሮፕላን ሊመታ ይችላል" ብሏል። የአሜሪካው የስለላ ድርጅት ሲ.አይ.ኤ የወያኔ መንግስት የመንገደኞች አውሮፕላን መቶ በመጣል በተቃዋሚዎቹ ላይ ለማሳበብ ፍላጎት እንዳለው ሳይደርስበት አይቀርም።

FAA Prohibited Flight Operations in Ethiopian Airspace

Flight operations are prohibited in Ethiopian
(WP) – After Flight 17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July 17,                                                                                 the Federal Aviation Administration expanded an existing regulation                                                                           that prohibited certain flights from operating in the region. The FAA                                                                   regularly issues airspace restrictions and prohibitions for U.S.                                                                                   aircraft traveling through potentially hostile airspace.
Here’s where the FAA has issued flight advisories and prohibitions for U.S.                                                        aircraft as of July 18.
Flight operations are prohibited in Ethiopian airspace north of 12 degrees                                                        latitude. The FAA also warns that Ethiopian forces may fire upon aircraft                                                               crossing into Ethiopian airspace from northeastern Kenya. View document »
The advisory states that “recent, credible information indicates a potential                                                                 near-term terrorist attack against U.S. and Western interests in Kenya,”                                                            warning against attacks using MANPADS. View document »
Flight operations are prohibited in Somalian airspace at or below 20,000 feet,                                                       except where necessary for takeoff in an adjacent country. View document »

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