Monday, May 16, 2016

                             What if I Covet the Norwegian 17th of May?

Norway is a free independent democratic kingdom. The nation’s constitution was penned in 1814 in an effort to free the country from the foreign domination 202
years a go.
 Being inspired by a great zeal and love of their country; based on the then great interest and need of the nation; as much as the scope of their knowledge allowed them some 120 Norwegian nationalists came up with such an amazing work.
 Being the second largest in the world, this constitution officially called “Kongeriket Norges Grunnlov” was first adopted on May 16 and subsequently signed and dated on 17 May 1814 by the Norwegian constituent Assembly at Eidsvål. Since then, the day 17th May is being celebrated as a national day indicating that Norway is a sovereign state.
 The constitution was not formed and or created to serve the few parliament members or the ruling organ. Rather, it was to magnify the nations freedom and to keep it’s democratic right and uphold the peoples sovereignty. In addition to that, it was related it’s character, to the international democratic rules and laws as general.