Monday, May 16, 2016

                             What if I Covet the Norwegian 17th of May?

Norway is a free independent democratic kingdom. The nation’s constitution was penned in 1814 in an effort to free the country from the foreign domination 202
years a go.
 Being inspired by a great zeal and love of their country; based on the then great interest and need of the nation; as much as the scope of their knowledge allowed them some 120 Norwegian nationalists came up with such an amazing work.
 Being the second largest in the world, this constitution officially called “Kongeriket Norges Grunnlov” was first adopted on May 16 and subsequently signed and dated on 17 May 1814 by the Norwegian constituent Assembly at Eidsvål. Since then, the day 17th May is being celebrated as a national day indicating that Norway is a sovereign state.
 The constitution was not formed and or created to serve the few parliament members or the ruling organ. Rather, it was to magnify the nations freedom and to keep it’s democratic right and uphold the peoples sovereignty. In addition to that, it was related it’s character, to the international democratic rules and laws as general.
 Even though this constitution was greatly loved and accepted by the time, as times goes by; as any other manmade laws and regulations, it went through a major amendments and improvements based on the people’s current interest and need.
 Among these vital improvements were the recognition and importance of Children’s and women’s rights were given more emphasis and focus than before. This higher step made the constitution to reflect it’s democratic nature and to get more respect recognition by the international community. Some interested individuals did not make the changes or the amendments though. Only the current demand of people’s need was the forcing power.
 Because of this, Norway celebrates this day in peace and freedom with a great joy and in a very colorful manner. This does not only create happiness among them selves, but it amazes also the foreigners living in the country and astonishes the entire world out there. By doing so, the Norwegian people demonstrate their love to their dear Fatherland and their beautiful flag, which is also the sign of their freedom and democracy. In general, 17 May marks the greatness of one democratic nation a free sovereign country.
 As it is written some where in the great book, “Where your treasure is, your heart be there also”, I would like as to turn to our current situation back home. It is sad to notice and experience the opposite picture of the reality we just discussed above.
The woyane regime knows very well that, apart from its own evil profit and selfish interest, it is either there not for the sovereignty of the people neither for the prosperity of the country.  And as a result, the government itself does not respect or obey the constitution. It doesn’t even have inclination to do so.  This Oligarchy and dictator party is working every day to worsen the situation and lays a heavy burden on the people’s shoulder. It creates a law and order that humiliates the rights of the people and is keeping oppressing the nation by forcing with weapon to submit to its wicked rules. If then, the government it self does not make a law that upholds people’s right and freedom, how does it expect from the nation to acknowledge and respect its order?
 Oh! How I am longing to see the day when our leaders respect their own nation and bring about a constitution that respects people’s rights and sovereignty! When shall we as a nation, and human right, freedom and democracy meet? The focus of the topic, which I just tried to highlight by mentioning the Norwegian big day is to awake our minds to the same fruit of peace and unity. O May; what a month! I just began to contemplate on the sadness of seeing my poor people, in a few days, just not long after the 17 May of Norway, being forced to celebrate the day of woyane, as a day of “freedom”. Longing to witness a history like Norwegian and other democratic nations in my own country, I fell quite envious of such a freedom.
Could then my wish and desire be considered as a selfish covetousness?
 See you on the next great day of freedom!!

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